Partnership Announcement: x Gotbit

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2 min readNov 25, 2022
Partnership Announcement: x Gotbit

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with GotBit, a professional crypto market platform founded in 2017 by mathematicians and developers. To date, GotBit has worked with 350+ token projects and led 90% of them to all-time highs. portfolio projects will access a full range of advisory services, including extensive investment and marketing networks, launch strategies, and will strongly support them in approaching as many potential users as possible using solid materials and an active community.

This collaboration marks the beginning of a content-based relationship that will highlight the efforts of both parties to propel us to the next level in the Move-to-Earn and blockchain industries.

About GotBit

GotBit, a unique international project that was founded by brilliant mathematicians and developers in 2017, has now implemented strategies for the business development of 600+ blockchain projects. GotBit’s mission is to make the founders of tokens completely calm and confident with the successful development of their project and help to achieve their market goals.

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About is the first and only project in the world to cooperate with Huawei in terms of communication and technology! Developed by KBG Studio, aspires to be the world’s first Gamification Lifestyle SuperApp with a new definition of “X to Earn.” It was developed based on the motto “Make everyone live healthier & wealthier. is not all about Running, it also covers most outdoor activities like Cycling or Swimming, and even integrates many indoor activities like Shopping, Learning, Gaming, Charity, etc.

Our unique strengths:

✔️ A sustainable economic model,

✔️ An all-in-one lifestyle SuperApp with a high-ended 3D design

✔️ Highest security care (all smart contracts audited)

✔️ Partnership with big global brands (Huawei, California Fitness — LFG — Top 3 global fitness, Chainlink, Polygon Studios, BSClaunch, etc.).

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