Strategic Partnership Announcement: x Chainplay

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2 min readSep 29, 2022
Strategic Partnership Announcement: x Chainplay is excited to announce our partnership with Chainplay, the one-stop hub for Blockchain Gaming and NFT Games. The Chainplay database informs users about game rankings, funding rounds, fundraising platforms, guild performance, and P2E events. Everything in one.

Through our collaboration, we will provide expansion and reach in a cross-marketing effort to both communities across the Move-to-Earn ecosystem. This collaboration will help to strengthen the NFT Game community’s belief in a high-quality product while also opening up opportunities for access and mutual benefit.

Our collaboration aims to enable effective reciprocal synergy in creating a global gaming ecosystem by fully integrating blockchain technology into critical sections of both games. Stay tuned as we reveal more exciting partnership use cases.

About ChainPlay

Chainplay is a one-stop hub for Blockchain Gaming and NFT Gamers. Chainplay’s database assists users in learning about game rankings, Funding rounds, Fundraising platforms, Guild performance, and P2E events. All in one. Chainplay aggregates more than 1105 Crypto gaming projects across 35+ blockchains, aiming to be the best and biggest aggregator portal for the GameFi market.

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About is the first and only project in the world to cooperate with Huawei in terms of communication and technology! Developed by KBG Studio, is a Lifestyle Gamification — Move & Earn project aiming to build a healthier world by encouraging people to take steps in daily exercise (running, cycling, swimming, etc.). is a Lifestyle Gamification — Move & Earn project developed by KBG Studio. With a vision of “One million steps for a healthier world,” we want to build a healthier, inclusive, and sustainable world where people not only take care of themselves but also care for others.

With that in mind, encourages people to take steps in daily exercise and participate in social activities. Users improve their physical health and earn valuable in-game rewards. They can also connect with communities worldwide and join in regular social activities (donations, running events, etc.) to support those in need.

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